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Monday, October 13, 2008


Here is Mick working on the treehouse one day before deer season took over his brain!
Here is Mick and Chas, with his new Rifle at Deer Camp. Aren't they cute lil' hunters??
It is a Rossi .22/250 - 20 ga. combo. Very nice youth gun, that fully rounds out little dude's hunting rifle needs for the next several years. He now has the proper rifles for small game, turkey (well kinda), and deer.....good luck, kiddo! :)
Here is Mick with HIS new gun....he is "bore sighting" so don't freak out. Chamber is completely empty and I don't think the magazine is even in it...he is just checking the range on his new scope. The kids think it is VERY cool, and the neighbors, well, they probably don't....Again, this is not a loaded rifle, so don't bother harrassing me about it!!!

Here is the deer he shot with said gun, and I am happily butchering whilst it hangs from the tree house!

And here are the carrots I was whining about. Although huge, their core was a little green and they were less tasty than I hoped....but, once cooked, they were fine with our deer stew,and we were excited to eat from our garden anyways!! It really was neat to pull these guys out of the ground and take them to Deer was a very proud moment!

updated with Old pics:

haven't been on lately but as an update: I pulled one of my melons early and it was not tasty. Pulled the other yesterday and it was great. Composting is going very well, and the lettuce starts are in. will be tilling the first bed soon. Have several large gourds on the vine and a few anaheim peppers! maybe we will get a couple carrots as well.
I will try to post pictures as soon as possible!~