Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hops Murderer

And the season goes......kaput!

I really quit trying so hard out there, when I was DEVASTATED by my neighbor dousing my Hops vines with Round UP. There were circles of dead grass on his side of the fence, where it must have been DRIPPING with poison. I was so devastated by it, I just quit caring for the plants, at all. I just didn't want be out there to look at his yard!! :(

I have still been able to harvest, after all my neglect. I am still pulling tomato by the handful, green bell peppers and yellow crookneck squash. I am allowing my black eyed peas to mature on the vines and I pick some lettuce here and there, so it is not a total loss. The cucumbers, and Watermelons and cantelopes are completely destroyed. Attacked not only by cucumber beetles, but also a fungus....sanitation may be in order here!!

I will try to update again soon. I will be moving the Hops and surviving strawberries and raspberry soon, when the weather cools a bit more.