Friday, June 6, 2008

I wonder

After reading other environmental blogs, I wonder what difference can be made at all.
If they say by 2030 what has been done cannot be undone, then how can hybrids and compact florescence help at all? Recycling may cause more CO2 emissions and all our hopes crash.
Exactly what are we to change that will actually help? In what ways does the individual matter in such a global issue?
SO I recycle, I compost, I drive rarely (although I can't afford a hybrid), I bought the reusable grocery bags and intend to recycle the old plastic ones, I turn off the water when I brush my teeth and the light when I don't need them....I should have a very small carbon footprint. But in the bigger picture, I still consume over packaged goods, I still have a natural gas heat system, I still have to use the modern conveniences as we all do. What more can be done? What will it take for ALL people to make the small changes, then ALL people decide what the larger changes to be made are?
We need more direction and adaptability. We have to continue to do what we can, as little as that is and continue to try to figure out what more can be done. What is the final solution? I don't think anyone can statistics cover the "everything will be just fine if we all walked to work and recycled" scenario....probably because that won't happen.
Maybe we will never change. Maybe we will all fry in greenhouse gases by 2030.
As a parent, I certainly hope that isn't true. As an environmentally minded person, i hope for the sake of hope that we get our act together and work on a plan to improve. But how can we tell if it helps? I think that it really doesn't help at all. But that is not going to stop me from feebly trying to do my own part to not leave my mark as a consumer driven by my own wastefulness.
What more can I say?

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