Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Latest garden issues

Say Hello to my little friend........
This is so upsetting to me because these have only been here for about two months and already they are DYING...ok so maybe not, but this is one of those deals where they aren't going to just magically get "all better" I will have to spray with fungicide several times a year...I personally do not even own anything in the juniper family, and the neighbors don't have any within my visual range....I did consider driving around the block to see if they had any as ornamentals out front....
but I don't know what good it would do to ask everyone within a 2-5 mile radius to kindly perform genecide on one of their ill- thought out ornamental shrubs...because it is causing problems for my fruit.....
UGH!!! so I am reading up on this issue a bit more, and I will have to make a decision 'granny smith' looks pretty blistered and the 'lodi' is runner up!
My North Star Pie Cherry may be getting too much water as it has not put on ANY new growth!
UPDATE JUNE 15 2009:

From my research online and in my Organic Gardening encyclopedia and Fruit books, the solution is a Sulfur spray. I just so happened to have some agricultural grade sulfur (from when we broke a thermometer and used it in powder form to turn the mercury into a sloid for cleanup.)
I had also used this sulfer to dust my potato pieces before planting.
Today I mixed a solution using the instructions on the package and using a borrowed sprayer that I washed neurotically (for fear of herbicide residue, or worse!) It was 3 TB of sulfer mixed into a paste to one gallon of water. I had 3/4 of a gallon of freshly mixed dilute iron water, and I mixed the sulfer with it. Hopefully this will not pose a problem. (seems like I read about not mixing copper and sulfer or something). I did dilute it further once the sulfer was mixed in. And sprayed the upper and under surface of the leaves. I will repeat every 7-10 days until it looks better. If it looks worse I will remix and nix the iron. (just in case that makes Iron Sulfate and that turns out to be a bad thing!)

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