Wednesday, June 17, 2009

little garden update

Here is a newer picture of the tomato/broccoli bed.
I noticed a few carrots sprouting in that bare patch this morning. And a few cantaloupes spouted last week.

We received some torrential rain and all the veggies looked so sad, but seem to be a bit perkier today. I am however, a bit worried about the over watering, and haven't watered personally in almost a week.
A few of my tomatoes are flowering, and I believe that the peas are pretty much done for the season. We are working now, on trying to prepare the planting sites for the Cherry tree, the strawberries and blueberries, before adding any more vegetable beds (which I really need!).
This morning I also found several slugs and some mealy bugs on my asparagus....eww!

This is the Apple after the sulphur spray. I worried that the sediment would harm the leaves, but all that rain washed it away, and I won't retreat for a week. They seem to be neither better or worse.

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