Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Snapshot

My camera was taking extremely blurry pictures the last few times I have tried to use it. SOMEBODY (shouldn't point fingers) messed with some settings, and I haven't quite figured out how to take a normal photograph! BUT, I turned on the macro function to get the close ups I have really been wanting all along.
This is a beautiful white rose that came with our house. It has been moved several times and this is definitely where it will forever reside! It has the slightest blush of pink, but in bloom is pure white inside. Likely a floribunda or something along those lines. It blooms once a year. This year on mother's day, and the last several years, It's been on my daughter's birthday. So I often refer to it as Audrey's Rose, since it was blooming when I had her! :) This year, I was able to cut a few for my Mom, for mother's day, and she was so excited, she said she hadn't seen a white rose in a long time.
The Blueberries photographed beautifully with the macro setting. I have been really wanting to get their close-ups for a long time. You can see the bloom of the fruits, and the crowns on the ends! Love it! :)
The peas have grown quite a bit, which is good, since I planted them in March! They have been flowering for several weeks, and have set plenty of pods....I am just waiting, and waiting, and waiting to pick something!
Here is a cool under leaf shot of the Brussels Sprouts...maybe...we'll see what this particular one looks like in another month...they look an awful lot alike at this stage, but it will soon become clear which is which. I really don't get too terribly worried about marking out this and that....It's a kind of  plant identification exercise for me throughout the growing season!  I have let a bit of the garden chores get behind, and the walkways need mowing, but really, the garden is coming along nicely. I will be making plans for some more succession sowings very soon, once the growth rates begin to increase with the temperature.

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