Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here is my yellow squash, that I thought would never flower. I have been checking on them everyday, so they don't get too big....but they are about the same! But hey, at least I know if it is a zuchinni or a squash.
Here is a few Amish Paste. I really like their tear drop shape. they aren't booming in production like last year.
This is a HUGE cluster of Romas. I didn't get this kind of production last year and this particular plant is just REFUSING to be average! There 7-8 large tomatoes and a few new flowers dropping, which means MORE on this same cluster! If they ripened at the same time you would likely get enough sauce for at least one pizza! Maybe 2!

I am still just waiting for anything to ripen. I put in a few cucumbers in the potato bed, and some mesclun lettuces. I figure I will be pulling those taters out soon enough.....
This week I also sprayed the apples, and bluberries, and I fertilized the blueberries with hollytone. I am beginning to notice that the Elliot blueberries are the ones that show the worst symptoms of Chlorosis, and they have put on the least amount of growth and shown the least amount of improvement. I am remembering that they were the last varieties we picked, they were bearing fruit in their pots and they were scraggly and stunted to begin with....HMMMMM....this could be a sign of previous neglect....they were scattered in with random plants at Lowe's.......

still thinking on that one!

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