Friday, July 31, 2009

Web Resources....must bookmark

Here is a list of links that I think are great places to learn a lot

FoodRoutes - Where Does Your Food Come From? Good to wonder, better to know!

Eat Wild Interesting info

Composting 101 - How to Make Compost Everyone needs compost!

Search - LocalHarvest find local foods

PlantFacts Searchable database

Master Gardener GardenNotes Colorado info in pdf....a great FREE resource

univ ext pubs fruit info for Missouri

Geek Stuff:
I will be updating with more links soon. But these are worth reading. I am putting all of them in my google bookmarks! :) Looking into all that google has to offer is worthwhile. It can save much frustration, time and money....if you learn to use the tools that Google provides for free.
If you still "hate google" try learning about how to use it, first.Google Tutor: Tutorials and Tips for Google Users is a blog like page of info...
Google Shortcuts: Introduction - Google Guide And I hope that it teaches a lot of people how valuable a web tool they have invented and dominated MicroCorp with. I hope they succeed. Google has so many tools for free, it is worth checking out, despite my dogmas! ;)
Google Chrome is my browser of choice, Blogger is a Google Blog, Picasa Web Albums, for Photo Sharing (that is user friendly!) Bookmarks, Docs, Reader......etc. etc. etc. and it is all Free, all accessible from ANY computer, and easy to use and understand, for anyone...not just us geeks!
Try googling google, and see what you can read about it, or follow one of my links above to learn more, then download and install them for yourself....they are extremely handy...and being as disorganized as I am, it really helps me keep my web info where I can always find it.
Google has their own tutorials and help sections, and I will not add insult to injury by giving you that link, since it is on any google page. But I have to continue my obsession with Google, and "Chrome that never crashes", written so intuitively by geeks of my own Gen.....I always tell everyone to use Google and I also recommend Chrome (which I hear is not only a browser but an OS...) Non-geeks can take my word, it's a great browser and makes flock and mozilla look like IE.....ewwww!!!!!

So there is a current list, and there is more to come!

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