Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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This is "Martina's Roma". It was a volunteer in my cold compost pile from late last season, which looked so healthy growing in my compost, I dug them up and gave them their own row. I would consider them top performers this year, because they are a rich dark green and all four plants are LOADED DOWN with these pint sized beauties. I couldn't get a great pic of the whole "future crop" but, they look very determined to set some serious fruit this year.
I didn't seed them myself because I decided I wanted all indeterminate, Larger beefsteaks...and the Roma's really got crowded out last year, they just didn't put on the show that they are now...but these sure changed my mind!
They set fruit earlier, and ripen faster and will give me an early start on harvest. I will be planting them again, next year, thanks to these volunteers!
This is "Italian heirloom". As you can see it is a MONSTER tomato. I also grew these last year and they have some of the best flavor in a tomato I have EVER tasted, not to mention they are gargantuan! I have several "pounders" last year and that was what I had hoped for this year. But the Curled leafed tomato I mentioned in previous posts was the other half of the pair, and I pulled it and put it in the burn pile. The leaves stayed curled all day and all night, regardless of heat or water conditions, and once I noticed the neighboring plants were trying to curl, I ripped it out. So this is the lone "chumba wumba" tomato this year. :(
This is the Amish Paste.....longtime favorite of pretty much anyone. You can trust the Amish when it comes to heirloom veggies. They know what they are doing! This guy tastes about as good as the "Italian Heirloom" but is much smaller and has very little waste as far as seeds and juice. They make a great sauce, if not a bit pale. I have a tendency to pick pink tomatoes! But they just always taste so good!!!! Next year, taller trellis', for sure!
These are the melons.......I know, I can't believe it either! One week ago these were babies, barely bigger than transplant size, and now they are garden monsters! They have been relatively well behaved up until now, but I noticed that it is trying to grab on to my Roma's! That is a no-no...bad melon! As you can also see in this pic, a little leaf curl on that was near to the one I had to pull that was so stunted. Uh-Oh! :(

And last but not least, my very big, very happy squash with absolutely NO Flowers, and NO fruit.......but I have confidence that I will harvest something, someday! and this is just the plant to deliver. Usually people that grow more than one squash have to leave baskets full of them on a neighbors step, ring the bell and run!!! They just put off so much in a short time. I haven't grown any for several years, so I am pleased, at least, with the size of the plant, and my perfect placement for optimal growth! ;)- There is just enough room, now if only the other one had sprouted!!! Ha ha, but that is what I get for using OLD SEEDS!

Well, that is it for now....I wish there was more, but there is always next year. I admit, it is mid-July and I am already planning for next year. Plus I am hoping for a bumper crop of cucumber and leafy greens that are sprouting in the flats as I write......more on that soon!

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