Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frugal, cheapskates, whatever you call it I wanna be one!

Today I got on google to answer what I thought was a simple question, which ended up in almost an entire day of reading blogs....but you know, I have learned a lot and have a great jumping off point to some great ideas. the question was about a cleaner way to bake chicken, because it really make a mess in my oven! So far I have decided to someday buy myself a Stainless Steel Roaster with rack so it is in a deeper pan that will drain off all that funky fat! I will have to try it before I know how well that goes......BUT, in looking for that answer (which I never came across! LOL), I found a few blogs about frugality and simple living....a few of my favorite things! I guess I am just jittery for gardening season to begin, itchy to get going. Mouth watering while looking through seed catalogs and garden plot plans....so this is a great distraction....
The wild and wondrous world of couponing!
Now this is not my first rodeo, I always knew what coupon cutting can do, BUT...I didn't know to what extent....

So after a lot of blogroll, and a lot of google reader adds, I have decided to give it a go...at the very least I have to sign up to register my Dillon's card and get their coupons, since i shop there so often....but lets go a bit further...I have to think ahead and plan these trips to the store, and the meals they make...and that is just what I want to try and do.

1. make a better coupon organizer
2. sign up for coupons and rewards programs that are free
3. get ink in my printer and start printing coupons for what I already use
4. get that control journal going, to plan and keep track of it all!
5. share what I have learned with everyone

Here is a few blogs that I have added to my reader that are really into saving on the grocery budget:
this is a good site I plan on backtracking and reading archives! :)
this is a more general blog with lots of topics
this one has info on my local stores, it will be a daily read!

these girls really know their stuff and the blogs were a great time-suck, LOL, I have sat and read too long today! :)

one more couponmom.com and if you watch her video, you will see why I want to give it a try...not to mention that her video was about the store I shop at and WOW, what a deal! $115 in groceries for $1.67 WOW.....

Ok so that is it...the blogs I list will link you to all the other stuff I am reading, from the coupon clipping forums to the services that clip them for you, to just places to print. FAQ's on how to match your coupons to sales and what coupons can be "stacked"...I have learned a lot today...and I think that I could really save on some of our "big ticket" items that we splurge on, which would make it less of a splurge! And saving money in the little day to day purchases, adds up in the long run...so that is what I will be looking at....

So ....just to get the blog rolling again, I thought I would share that with you. Soon I will be putting out seed trays and will begin veggie updates soon, I can't wait! :)

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