Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Tee Pee Trio

Audrey, Chas and I built up some tee pees for our pole beans and a trellis for some cucumbers.  I have seen pictures in other peoples gardens and thought they were too cute.  In fact, in the Veg. Bible, under Pole Beans there is a prettier example...but we do what we can!
I started by cutting out branches and saplings that were relatively long, sturdy and straight.  We trimmed all the side shoots off them and put them up.  We tied the joining knots with jute twine, and later switched to a shade of blue, when the first roll of natural ran out.  Anyways, it's not much, but as usual, we are pretty proud of it, and it will do the trick, meanwhile getting rid of some of the scrub brush growing around here!
 (sorry they are kinda hard to see on a brownish background, but you can click to enlarge)
A friend of mine from out of town was talking about putting in something for a trellis for her peas...maybe something like this could work?  Anyways, I am glad I tried it! and hopefully I get better at making them in the future...But it beats the farm fence in this bed last year! LOL...this is why my neighbors hate me!! Their back yards are in full view of the compost, but what do you do?  It is like eeny meeny miney mo, pick a neighbor by his nose...just kidding...I promise I will back the bin up next year, but no promise I won't have multiples, and one won't be in view! I wanted to put a large set up behind bed 1 if I can clear the brush...I will just have to learn to master the bent wood trellis I saw in a magazine 7 or 8 years ago.....use up all this junk growing all over! (love it!)  I also saw a really neat chair made of bent wood trellis.  It may look weird now, but as it ages it looks more natural, and I guess I always end up going with more of a cottage garden feel, no matter my original aim.
It will be pretty sweet once there is stuff growing on it.  I cannot wait for the last frost! I am so excited!
We put out our Broccoli and Brussels sprouts, spinach, lettuce and onions into the prop box.  All that is indoors right now is the tomato and a few dicentra root cuttings.

{the water bottles and milk jugs are for night heat}

 I am having really low germination for some reason and can't figure if it is moisture or temperature related.  I finally found some roma seeds...in my dehydrated tomatoes!  I froze some last year and was using them in a pizza, and thought....why not give it a go?  They were ripe, and were dried in their membranes, then frozen.  I doubt that more than 75-80% of the moisture would have been lost, so they can still ferment to break the seed coat.  I will be disappointed if nothing other than the romas sprout, even though their taste is so great, I planned on using them as an early crop and the others as main crop...OH well, I will just have to make due, as usual.  Nature has a way of pushing us around and we are better off to just try to go with the flow!

So I guess that is it for today....more planning and nifty ideas to come. My bottle stoppers for my hummingbird feeders got here, I just haven't had another rainy day to mess with it, and I don't think it is time yet....I should look that up......  ;)

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