Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March: Picture update 1 of 2

This is Bed 1, from the east side looking west. this is where we have a row of bush beans and peas, and under the plywood, is the carrot seeds. I read in my Veggie Bible book to do that to keep them moist during their long germination period.

Later this season the back of the bed will be Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli, and maybe a cabbage or two. The front of the bed will be carrots, succession planted, but the beans and peas will be squash and leafy greens, there will be more beans and peas in Bed 2.

This is the Asparagus that I was throwing compost and leaves on. They will be coming up next month and will need to be fertilized soon. this picture is taken from inside my compost bin, LOL, but I emptied it first!
This is a picture from the west facing east. So the first bed is Asparagus, and the next is Bed 1. I call it Bed one because it was the first one I put in, and the Asparagus is perennial (always there) so it doesn't get a number.....
To the left of the asparagus is my old compost bin, which is coming out, and to the left of it, the blueberries.
I am short a few blocks to finish that bed, but I would still like to move the pallets elsewhere, so I may use rocks to finish the bed for now.

(3/29/10 Update done and done!)

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