Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Ready to Roll!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!! But I knew it was too good to last! And this week they are calling for chilly and damp weather, but hey! I needed to come back in and get some stuff done anyways!
But I feel like I have accomplished quite a lot over the weekend, including purchasing bagged compost and potting soil to start seeds in, buying a boat-load of veggie seeds, getting a much needed PH and nutrient test kit, and of course....getting my certified seed potatoes...since I used sprouted grocery store potatoes last year, I promised myself I would buy real ones this time....which technically, I don't know if the Lowe's purchased ones even count! LOL. BUt for $4 for 10, and I cut several in half that had multiple eyes.....I think it was fair enough, without having to pay shipping and plan ahead!
I bought 2 pkg. Red Norland, 2 pkg. Yukon Gold, and one pkg. Freedom Russet. I figured russets are relatively cheap year round, and I want to grow varieties that aren't in the stores as often, I just haven't experimented enough to know what varieties I like...so I want to try them all! =)
I took back the two "elliot" blueberries that failed last year, as well. And I moved my strawberries (from the hops murder crime scene) to the blueberry bed. I am hoping for runners so I can expand the bed next season. I amended with sulfur and hollytone plant food...so as to get a jump on the PH.
We added a nice layer of compost to the Asparagus bed this morning, which is so important, because it is perennial, and should not be left out just because of it's undying loyalty!
I also forked through bed Number 1, and Audrey and planted out some bush beans and peas (the beans really shouldn't be out yet, but I have plenty of seed, and I figured I might try to hot cap them!) and a short row of carrots. I also put in some marigolds at the ends of the rows.
We built the back and two sides of the potato bin, and have tilled and planted our red earlies (the norlands) and will be putting out the others between St. Patrick's Day and April Fool's day..{I like to remember planting times by holidays and when other plants bloom, etc. helps me to remember and it makes me feel like an Old time gardener! =) } I have no clue how I am going to close up the front of the bed but I better figure it out quick! And I would like to concoct a better scheme for the 2nd potato bin, since what I thought up and what was built ended up different and more ghetto than I originally intended....but every year is room for improvement, and as long as the theory holds out, the potatoes should grow well, regardless of how it looks.
So today, we are going to bring some pots of soil indoors and begin planting all the seeds that I should have had in a LONG TIME AGO....and pray that they are quite large enough for transplanting in April/May.......(fingers crossed)

I hope to post up pictures soon.

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