Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a list

Here is a list of little stuff that I would like to try this season, and hopefully I will be able to, if not, maybe next year! =)

  1. finish prop box and use to harden off indoor seedlings, start warm season seedlings, root cuttings in summer and start fall winter crops.
  2. install at least one hoop frame, for winter use and as an early spring row cover
  3. build at least one coldframe for winter greens and carrots. (trial run)
  4. build a prettier system for potatoes, maybe something that can be built and rebuilt each year.
  5. build a tomato trellis system that can be built and rebuilt each year.
  6. plant Jerusalem Artichoke on the site where the hops used to grow....if they don't kill it too! ;)
  7. Help get the family involved in Morel Mushroom hunting, spring Turkey hunting and wild food gathering.
  8. Plan a few fishing trips
  9. Finish tree house
  10. Landscaping (URG! :( )  Berm and swale project
  11. plant more fruit trees, vines and natives.
I think that is a long enough list for now.  There are plenty more things I would like to try this year....mushroom farming, grain farming, canning, bee keeping, beer brewing.....the list is endless....
And I may get to try some of these things if I play my cards right!  And I really can't wait.  Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, and better still, to teach someone else what you know....

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